16-bit Taylor

Minikit Marathon


Web & Mobile · Motion · 3D Illustration · Wireframing


Minkit Marathon is a lego, toy, and video game themed marathon that raises money for various charities. They did not have a web presence, so the founder reached out to me about designing them a website. Around this time I had just started learning Blender 3D and Motion Graphics, so I applied those skills to this design.


The content strategy, site structure, visual design/branding, web and mobile design, and prototyping took me a couple of weeks to complete. It all started with a kick-off meeting with the founder where I asked questions about their desired look and feel, what content they wanted to showcase, and their plans for the future that the website may support.

Sketches and reference images in prep for the first site iteration.

The first site design was lo-fi and explored changing background colors and a lego TV I rendered in Blender. Thie white background was too plain though, and the TV was too impersonal.


I learned a lot by using After Effects for prototyping, as well as Blender for 3D illustrations. Plus, this charity event got a sweet new website that helps show off their personality.


  • Web Developer – Grant Butler

Final high-fidelity video prototype after revisions and final renders. This version is much more detailed and dynamic.

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